Ziggy heads to Surry Hills

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I have been a bit slack with the updates as we have had a busy couple of days running new baby-related errands. We ventured all the way to Surry Hills yesterday to the doc for the one week check up. Our man is doing very well, all checks were normal and he is pretty much back to his birth weight. Our Z man was pretty easy going, he fell asleep in the car right away and also nodded off in the pram as soon as we were on the move. We even managed to drop in and visit my Fuzzy work mates and he was awake and non-crying which was pretty awesome timing on his part.
Today we spent filling out mind numbing government forms, but we had to get it done… sigh…
Ziggy is chilling with us in the living room at the moment, he is snoozing on Dad’s chest. We find the 2 evening feeds (around 6 and 10) are his most grumbly… methinks he is still a little nocturnal.
I took some new pics of him sleeping like a little angel this arvo, thought it was pretty cute. Those cheeks!!
Tomorrow we are thinking of taking our little guy out for coffee/brekkie if the weather is ok, will see how he goes.

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