Ziggy rides the bus

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Ziggy and I and his Nana braved the Sydney public transport system yesterday and hopped the bus to Newtown. The experiment was largely a success but we discovered two things:
1.  ‘Accessible’ buses are rendered fairly useless when the super helpful driver (chokes on own sarcasm) pulls up an abyss-sized distance from the curb
2.  Strangers are not inclined to offer to help someone with a pram in any way, I mean you could have no arms and they still wouldn’t help!
Without mum’s help it would have been a very challenging journey. Looking forward to being allowed to drive again.
Ziggy was super restless from about 4pm-11pm last night, but then finally settled and slept through with one feed in the middle, so not too bad.
This morning I changed Z into a super cute outfit given to him but his Uncle Ch and Auntie Mei, – thanks guys!
2013-07-13 09.58.52
5 days and counting till Grandma and Grandpa arrive, I have been telling him everyday that they’re coming and he totally gets it 🙂

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