Ziggy turns 3 months old

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The wonderfully gorgeous Zigmaster General turned 3 months old on Monday and we had a lovely day as Daddy took the day off and we went for breakfast and a then a lovely walk with the puppies later in the afternoon.
The Zig is a very happy little guy most of the time and still sleeping well at night, but he has a very distinct cranky period from around 4pm – 7pm but we have been coming up with creative ways to entertain and distract him and feeding often seems to help.
Speaking of feeding we popped into the chemist and weighed our little behemoth and he clocked in at a whopping 6.94 kilos! He has also stopped being cranky during feeding most of the time, he still has his moments from time to time but Mum has gotten much better at distracting him and calming him down before things can escalate, and obviously he is getting enough food in the end, which is all that matters.
In fantastic news the world’s best NZ grandparents have organised for us all to visit New Zealand in early November. We told Ziggy and he is beside himself with excitement and can’t wait to ‘agoo’ and woo all of his NZ family.

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