Ziggy reads a book

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A good book + hot bath + glass of red wine is pretty much my idea of heaven. With a four month old as my constant companion these days I don’t get much time to combine the above and bask in its glory but I do get to be the first person to introduce my main man to the joys of reading. Today he literally held a book for the first time… granted it is a soft cuddly book and he mostly just stared at the colours and tried to shove it in his mouth, but still, it was a momentous moment for this mum.


There is going to come a day, sooner than expected, when Ziggy looks up from his computer to see Mum with a stupid, overly enthusiastic grin on her face, holding a book and suggesting that he maybe turn his eyes from that game he is playing and read a little. Ziggy will look at the book and then at Mum in a way that will clearly convey the following:

“You seriously expect me to read words, on paper (!!!) and actually have to turn the page with my own hand to find out what happens next when I can sit here and play a game where I create entire realistic worlds and/or destroy entire civilisations with the touch of a key? How dumb are you???”

Until that day comes I hope Ziggy and I get to enjoy a book or two together…


One thought on “Ziggy reads a book

    Jayde-Ashe said:
    October 9, 2013 at 2:53 am

    What a cutie!

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