Ziggy Vs Coffee

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I love coffee… I really, really, really love coffee. Most days it is the only thing that inspires me to get out of bed, just the thought of the incredible smell as I hit the magical button on the grinder, the minutes of anticipation as the espresso gets ready to burst forth on the stove and then that first orgasmic sip… ahhh-mazing!

When you are about to become a mum you are warned perpetually, and incredibly irritatingly, about the lack of sleep you have to look forward to. So far the reality has not been as dire as the predictions from well meaning friends, family and strangers, the Zig man seems to know the meaning of the word sleep and is fairly amenable to the concept… but it is still early days. Despite this you are still often running on less sleep than you ever have in your life and you spend your entire day pouring every bit of your energy into another human being – and being a breastfeeding mum I mean this more than just metaphorically! So, one long and rambling paragraph later my point is, that I may have already loved coffee but since Ziggy was born this love has expanded exponentially into something deeply spiritual, almost holy and, I suspect, a little unhealthy.

The young mother’s love of coffee is 3 fold:

1. Caffeine!!!!

2. Your new replacement for alcohol – you used to meet mates after work for a beer or a glass of wine, you now meet them in the morning, for coffee, and in cases of friends without kids, this tasty, hot, dry roasted cup of awesome is your last tenuous link to people you now feel very detached from and desperately want to stay in touch with

3. Something to do! One of the most important things to maintain sanity, order, zen and a general sense of control over your new life is getting out and about as much as possible and a walk to the local cafe for a piccolo is a stella option 

While the 3 key points above are testament to the joys of coffee itself there is also the lovely discovery that the many well run cafes in Sydney are almost the only place on earth (other than the park) that you can meet up with other mum mates, park your prams and talk incessantly about babies without feeling like you are in the way, annoying and to be pitied.

On a side note my picks of the best coffee in Sydney are as follows (within my hood anyway):

1. Double Roasters, Marrickville

2. Campos, Newtown

3. Cornersmith, Marrickville

4. Coffee, Tea & Me, Redfern

5. Bourke St Bakery, Marrickville

With the love between coffee and I deepening by the day the question becomes what do I love more, coffee or Ziggy? This is a tough one… I think the only thing I can be confident of is that I definitely love Ziggy more at 6am with a little help from my friend coffee.






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