Ziggy Vs Paul Dempsey

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Ziggy is a pretty easy going baby, he has had the odd meltdown here and there but lately in particular he has been a breeze… except for last night. I stupidly and (clearly) selfishly decided to go and see one of my favourite Aussie musicians, Paul Dempsey – he was playing just down the road at The Factory. This was going to be easy! I would get ready, feed Ziggy, put him to bed, he would snooze till 10, Dad would give him a bottle and he would be down for the night, thus leaving mum to bask in indie rock awesome with little to no guilt or worry. Of course, this is not what actually happened.

About half an hour prior to leaving the following happened – epic baby meltdown! For no reason and with little warning Ziggy erupted and nothing could console him, not cuddles, not bouncing, not even boob! After some creative distraction techniques were undertaken Ziggy finally chowed down and it seemed that the original plan may still happen, I would just be a little late. About 45 minutes later, after 2 failed ‘ok, time to sleep now’ attempts I was forced to bail and leave Dad holding the bag, in the form of a very grumpy baby. He did an amazing job, dealt with two more meltdowns and eventually got him to sleep. What about me you ask?

Paul is amazing and he managed to mesmerize a sold out audience with just his voice and an acoustic guitar. The highlight of the night for me was his incredible cover of Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ – with a son named Ziggy, I am clearly going to be pretty jazzed by this choice. For most of the evening, however, I was pretty distracted and having trouble enjoying myself. In fact, my level of distraction is clearly conveyed visually through this photo that I took at the gig…


Perhaps Ziggy is not a Paul Dempsey fan and he objected to my choice of gig? Perhaps he picked up on my slight hesitation and anxiety about leaving him? Perhaps it was just one of those random moments in life with very little rhyme or reason to it that make you want to pull your hair out and staple it to someone else’s head?

Stay tuned for the next installment of the battle between baby and the band when mum next tries to check out some live music…


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