Ziggy’s wow factor

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The Zig man was a pretty sizeable bub from the time he popped out to say howdy and since then he has decided that this whole ‘feeding’ thing is bloody brilliant. The end result is one behemoth of a baby with the chubbiest cheeks known to man and the squishiest of squishy thighs… here is a pic:


The cheeks and thighs are both things that seem to inspire many (often hilarious) comments from strangers. Some of my favourites so far are:

  • Stranger – “He’s so cute, how old”, Me – “3 and a half months”, Stranger – “is he on formula?”, Me – “no, just breastmilk”, Stranger – (while looking at my chest) “really?… Wow…”
  • Stranger (loudly, while walking past) “Oh my god, those cheeks! Did you see those cheeks? Wow!”
  • Stranger – “Wow he’s so chubby… (with a sneaky glance at my chest) well done” 
  • Stranger (with very strong accent) – “Your baby?”, Me – “yes”, Stranger – “Is boy?”, Me – “yes”, Stranger – “good… “big boy, yes… good… big boy is good”.
  • Stranger – “Your baby has big cheeks, I had big cheeks when I was little, people pinched them all the time… I did not like it”

The cheeks:





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