Ziggy’s mum loses her cool

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As soon as you become a mum any semblance of cool you had dissipates the second the colostrum comes in. All of a sudden you are careening around town with a giant pram that limits where you can go, what you can do and most of all (and sometimes in a fun way when you are feeling evil) annoys the hell out of everyone who comes across your path. Not only that but you also have this tiny time bomb of awesome with you at all times who can be an adorable angel that makes strangers go ‘awww’ or, even more likely, a screaming banshee that has strangers looking at you with one of the following expressions:

1. Pity

2. Scorn

3. Fear

The first comes from anyone who has had a baby of their own within the last ten years, the second comes from older people who had kids but seem to have conveniently forgotten how hard it is and are convinced that ‘in my day kids knew how to behave’, the third look comes from anyone who is either too young to have considered the idea of kids without abject terror or those who have chosen to never have them.

So with an all terrain vehicle to negotiate and the tiny time bomb of awesome in tow it is pretty hard to look cool in any way whatsoever. This particular mum’s last ditch attempt to hang on to a teeny bit of street cred comes in the form of music – more specifically going to gigs and buying new music so that I don’t end up being that person who says ‘who?’ five years after a great band has released a break through album. In an effort to pursue this seemingly surmountable goal I bought a ticket to a festival, featuring one of my favourite musos, M Ward. So I was a new mum, but it was ok because in November I was going to Harvest… Less than a month later and news spread that Harvest was cancelled. Disappointing… but that’s ok, Homebake is announced and day 3 looks great, so to Homebake I will go!

After receiving the news yesterday that Homebake was also cancelled it is hard not to think that the universe is trying to tell me to give up and accept my new-mum lack of cool and stop trying so hard… Or is it more a ‘if at first you don’t succeed’ scenario? 

With Laneway winking seductively at me I am very tempted to tempt fate. But it has been made abundantly clear that life sure ain’t as easy as it used to be, good thing Zig is so cute. Here he is with his new toy Unadkat…




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