Ziggy’s adventures in Wellington Pt. 1

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Ziggy loves airports, he thinks they’re great and fascinating, which is very unexpected as he hates shopping centres… but he was very smily while waiting to board our plane, slept most of the way there and pretty much the whole way home. Best baby ever!

On to our trip itself, apart from two small grumpy patches (one when we first arrived and Zig was all ‘what the?’) the Zig was pretty fond of NZ. He toured Wellington, checking out the waterfront, the hills, the museum (ok yeah, he slept in his pram through most of this) and some pretty great restaurants. Ziggy’s most profound discoveries while in NZ:

1. He really likes TV… 



4. Ziggy loves Daddy’s beard..



3. He digs helicopters and planes but does NOT like it when mum puts the pilot’s headphones on him…



Stay tuned for more on Ziggy’s adventures in Wellington…



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