Ziggy vs Moo & Toby

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You live your whole life getting hugs whenever you feel like it, told how gorgeous and loved you are and generally made to feel like the centre of the universe and then all of a sudden, one day, it all changes. For Moo and Toby, my much beloved dogs, the arrival of Ziggy was a rude and brutal awakening. I mean, for a decade Moo had been my best mate, with me through thick and thin and then this small, noisy thing arrives and she finds herself on the wrong side of the playpen looking in. What the?

The day we brought Zig home all hell broke loose on an epic scale, with Zig’s cries sending Moo into a frenzy. It was a mind-bending cacophony of noise, stress and fear that had everyone in tears except for Zig, who fell asleep, such a legend. Things have improved dramatically and now Ziggy and the dogs often embark on long and thoughtful staring contests and Ziggy likes to grab their noses. Mutual affection notwithstanding there is still a level of resentment within the puppy sector of our house which at times leads to rebellion. Moo & Toby are nothing if not tenacious and creative creatures and I am always both appalled and amused by their ability to insinuate themselves where they know they are not allowed without me even realising… it is quite impressive. Some examples of these minor mutinies in pic form below…

A few weeks ago Moo snuck onto the couch (where she is not allowed) and snuggled up with some of Ziggy’s toys… naughty, but cute, which is Moo’s specialty…



Ziggy’s favourite toy is his piano mat, which is apparently also very very comfy if you are a puppy dog and it is a hot day, nice work Toby…


Well played pups, take the little wins where you can because before you know it Ziggy is going to be running around, pulling your tails and generally bossing you around. Good times…



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