Ziggy and the eternal unanswered question

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I was out walking with Ziggy about a week ago and we were on the home stretch, our wee semi-detached inner west house in my keenly honed sights and all of sudden, inexplicably, Ziggy started to cry. Now, I was so close to home that I figured my best approach was to pick up the pace, say some nice comforting things to the Zig and basically just ride it out for the short time it would take me to get home. 

With my game plan sorted I was power walking the last few meters home when a (seemingly) well meaning neighbour stops me and asks me the eternal unanswered question… “Why baby cry?”

Oh my… 

As much as I appreciate the concern and accept the fact that she didn’t realise that stopping to ask me that was not only stupid but also prolonging my baby’s distress, it really does pose an important question… ‘why baby cry’? To all the people (most of whom had children quite some time ago and seem to have forgotten that their baby ever cried or did anything untoward) who feel the need to pose this question to a virtual stranger I would like to convey this simple answer: “I DON’T HAVE A BLOODY CLUE”. My child (much like yours 30 years ago, I am sure) does not have the power of speech. He is only 5 months old. He can’t tell me what is wrong. It could be any or none of the following:

1. He is hot

2. He is tired

3. He is hungry

4. He is bored

5. He got bitten on the butt by an angry ant

6. He wishes I put the blue t-shirt on him instead of the green

7. He is still upset that Tony Abbott won the election.

So do yourself a favour and avoid getting knifed by an angry, sleep deprived new mother and don’t stop her on the street to ask her the world’s stupidest question… ‘why baby cry’?



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