Women’s Weekly Birthday Party Cake Challenge

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In the time honoured tradition of home-style-a-little-messy-but-totally-delicious birthday cakes I have embarked on an annual challenge to take on a different Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake each year. So far so good… Here is a comparison of my first two attempts:

Birthday 1: The Guitar Cake

Guitar Cake June 2014
Guitar Cake June 2014

Birthday 2: The Robot Cake

Robot Cake: June 2015
Robot Cake: June 2015

I gave myself some creative license with the decorating on the Robot and I used my tried and tested icing of awesome, here is the recipe:

Icing mixture
Fresh cream
Cream cheese
Lemon rind grated
(Food colouring for the Robot)

I don’t really measure, just make how much I need, the key is not to add too much cream, it will be too runny to make decorating possible. Start with the icing mixture, add a tablespoon of cream cheese, add a tiny bit of cream and the lemon rind and whisk, adding cream until you have a nice consistency.

Fun cakes can be yummy too!


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